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News [ 2005-05-14 ]
  Power E-Mailer 2 Pro, the mailing software and newsletter manager, the most complete in the market, is now available with a price which can face any competition !

  Indeed Concept Web offer you 30% OFF for Power E-Mailer 2 !

  For more information, please see the Power E-mailer section.

Denis Lefebvre, Concept Web

Computer consulting for decision and purchasing
  Concept Web can help you to choose the best system for your demand.
  Best quality with good price, Concept Web can guide you to choose your hardware and software for a future without risk by respecting your budget.
  Many individual customs have been already satisfied by our services after unhappy purchases without technical follow-up or to consolidate their first step in the computer world.
  The customer is not abandoned facing to his screen. He has all the explanations and assistances which he wishes in a simple language even after the purchase.
  In the same way, the installation will be carried out by our care if the customer does not have necessary acknowledges.

web site development
  Professional Web programmer developer , Concept Web is ready for creation of Internet site or update the existing site. If you wish animations Flash, PHP script or cgi, our program is made for you. Our software have back-office which allows an easy administration for your site.
  Referencing and referencing consulting make also party of our competences fields. Do not hesitate to ask our services so that your site is at the head of research result of the largest search engines.

  Translation of document, site, report, [... ] in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese. The service of interpreter is also proposed in English, Chinese and French by Concept Web.
  Do not wait any more and profit opportunities from Europe and the economic opening from China !

Graphic design
  Concept Web proposes also digital and digitalization photography. We carry out also graphic design, computer graphics, logo, [... ]
  If your need professional graphics, Concept Web answers you.
  Do not hesitate to compare the price with other cabinet of graphics.

E-mailing and web prospecting : Power E-Mailer 2
  If you wish to make Web prospecting or sending of your newsletter, the privileged partners of Concept Web will give you a completely reasonable price.
  It will be also possible for you to have a professional software which allows you to make your e-mailing in 100% autonomous way.

Content Management System : Magic WebSite
   You have an Internet site and it has been more and more expensive to update it. Do you know the solutions of CMS (Content Management System) simple to set up and very economic in the long term.
  Concept Web proposes you the software the most developed in the market: Magic WebSite.

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